Shipping & Payment Policy

IMPORTANT: We do NOT ship our products to MichiganOklahomaMinnesotaAlabamaArkansasGeorgiaTennessee, Indiana, and Mississippi.
We apologize for this inconvenience, but we must strictly follow all state regulation.


We ship 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday.  We are fully closed on Sunday and all orders placed on Sunday, or after same day cutoff on Saturday, your order will ship Monday.  We regularly check our emails during our hours of operation so you should receive an email shortly after contacting us during regular business hours.  We also occasionally respond to emails during off hours, however we may not see it until the next day during our working hours.  If you do not receive the automated email containing your tracking number after your order is complete simply visit your account page, select order history, and your tracking number should be displayed there.


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 9AM CST – 4PM CST

Saturday: 9AM CST – 1PM CST


Same Day Shipping Cutoff Times:

Monday – Friday: 3PM CST

Saturday: 12PM CST


We do not pursue refunds for any delayed packages.  If your package is delayed, you may request a discount code to use on your next order.  This is our firm and stated policy.  We do not make exceptions.  Please see the Important Information section below for more clarification on this policy.  Please do not place an order if you are unwilling to abide by this or any other policy.  We operate the way we do for many reasons, and we cannot deviate from our daily routine.


As long as your payment is made within our same-day shipping cutoff times, your package will be shipped that day.  We understand that you might be anxious or impatient, which is why we adhere to very high standards in our policies and do not deviate from them.  Your order will always go out same day if you have followed our policies on how we operate.  There is no need to send emails asking for payment confirmation or tracking number after placing your order as we are unable to respond to them and they only serve to cause confusion or clog up our inbox.  Automated emails are set up so that you receive this information, including your tracking number, when we get to your order and process+ship it, so please have patience as they may not arrive until later in the day.  If you do not receive your tracking number by the next day, you may email us for it.

Delayed Package Policy

If your package is delayed or you believe it to be lost:  Customers must file a lost package claim.   To file a lost package claim, you must call USPS or FedEx or use the claim forms on their website.  Do not use the lost package claim forms on their websites, as these are largely ignored from our experience.  Call USPS(1-800-275-8777) or FedEx(1-800-463-3339) Customer Service and push your way past the robot(just keep asking to speak to a customer service representative or pressing the # sign) and once it connects you to a live person, just let them know you would like to file a lost package claim.  They will ask you a couple of questions about your package, and give you a claim number.  Keep this handy in case they verify that it is lost.  Your package should now begin moving within the next 24 hours.  If it does not, give them a call back and see if they can verify whether or not it is lost.  If it is considered lost by the shipping servicewe will re-ship your full order and expedite it. We cannot re-ship without confirmation from the shipping company that the package is lost and will not be recovered. If they tell you that they need to speak with the shipper, send us an email with your claim number and we will give them a call.  NOTE: For the USPS Priority Mail Express shipments that are delayed past their guaranteed date, you can visit the USPS File a Claim page to try and file your own claim for a refund.  We are unable to provide a discount code if this method is successful(it will notify us on our USPS account). 


Important Information

We do not pursue refunds for shipping delays from shipping companies, we simply provide a discount code.  This code may be more or less than your shipping cost depending on the order it is used for.  This is a firm policy and if you are unwilling to abide by our policies, we are unable to process and ship your order.  There are many reasons that we do not pursue refunds – they are not as easily attainable as they make it seem, and we do not have the resources to file, process, and refund a shipping claim for every single person who has a delayed package.  By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to our Shipping and Tracking, and Payment policies.  These are both available on our website at the top or bottom of most pages.

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